Track Listing

  1. Eternally New
  2. Something in the Words
  3. Walking in the Night
  4. Rise and Shine
  5. Lighten Up and Let It Go
  6. Arrows of Light
  7. Long Wing Feather
  8. The Hawk
  9. Heal in the Wisdom

Praise for Heal In The Wisdom

"There is a new global consciousness being born on the planet. Heal In The Wisdom is an anthem for that consciousness."
Leonard M. Marks, entertainment lawyer, The Beatles/Apple Corp; Vice President of the Temple of Understanding inner-faith organization.

"Nearly every good experience which touches people's lives has been described in poetry and song. Bobby Bridger's Heal In The Wisdom says best how we feel about ourselves, our festival and our faith. That's why it has become the anthem of the Kerrville Folk Festival.*"
Rod Kennedy, Founder of the Kerrville Folk Festival
(* in 2004'Heal'began its second quarter-century as the festival's anthem.)

"Heal In The Wisdom has become an anthem of hope for a whole generation of musicians and listeners from around the world who find a spiritual need fulfilled in this truly universal song. It is a modern classic."
David Amram, Bernstein's composer-in-residence of the New York Philharmonic and internationally-acclaimed conductor and jazz musician

"Bobby Bridger is a balladeer/poet who, through Heal In The Wisdom, makes Native American spirituality available to all people."
The Most-Rev. James Parks Morton, Dean of the Cathedral of St. John The Divine, New York City, NY.

"Bridger put his ear to a crack in the egg of the new world - Heal In The Widsom came though."
Warren Skaaren, screenwriter, Top Gun, Beetlejuice, Beverly Hills Cop I & II and Batman

'There have been times of dark depair when the song Heal In The Wisdom elevated me personally, making me feel lighter and whole.'
Victoria Elliot, Board of Trustees, Esalen Institute

"Bobby Bridger's song, Heal In The Wisdom, brings empowering hope while awakening us to cooperate with Mother Earth -an Earth with purpose and planned destiny which we can see if we dare open our eyes."
Dr. Don Tilly, Director, The World Peace Center, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Heal In The Wisdom is a hauntingly beautiful, emotionally moving experience. It is an important healing song."
Sandy Levine, The New York Open Center
"The kids are singing Heal In The Wisdom and looking forward to your return."
Sergi Schetchenko, Headmaster of Kiev School 155 in the Ukraine, Russia.