The A Ballad of the West DVD Project is a culmination of the work of director Peter Wilson, executive producer Nick Meagher, and artist Bobby Bridger. It was shot on location at the T-Bone Ranch in Antonito, CO, with the Sangre De Cristo Mountains used as a backdrop, and some of the original players from the Lost Gonzo Band as his band members - John Inmon and Bob Livingston, also with Darcie Deaville and Steve Samuel.

Also in post-production, a documentary about the life and work of Bobby Bridger, Quest of an Epic Balladeer. See and hear Bobby's life story as he traveled through Louisiana working with Fred Carter, Jr., recorded albums in Nashville, Hollywood, and how he eventually landed in Austin, TX, where he created A Ballad of the West, which would continue to take him to Wyoming, Australia, and even Europe. Paired with a behind-the-scenes look at how director Peter Wilson and crew shot and recorded Bridger's ballads, The Making of 'A Ballad of the West,' rounds out an epic trilogy of its own, and will soon be available for your viewing pleasure on DVD! Check back to our website regularly for updates.

About A Ballad of the West

A Ballad of the West was written over 35 years ago, and has been through every form as technology has evolved. Bridger has produced cassette recordings, published the ballads in book format, recorded the performances onto a 4-disc CD set, published the trilogy to his internet website, and recently written an award-winning book about the life and times of Buffalo Bill, (Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull: Inventing The Wild West. University of Texas Press, 2000). This is not to mention his extensive performances of the Ballads worldwide as a one man show and also as a full production musical with a highly acclaimed cast and director. In May, 2004, a cast and crew traveled to Antonito, Colorado, to help take A Ballad of the West into its next incarnation - digital video. Coming soon in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound!!