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During the days immediately following the September 11 attacks on America most of the world watched television in a state of shock. As everyone else, I sat spellbound at my television set, stunned, angry and broken-hearted as unbelievable historical events unfolded. Aside from the razor-slash realization that the world had instantly entered a new and dangerous era, it was incomprehensible that so many innocent people lost their lives that morning. And the continuing impact of those collapsing towers hit each of us with a wave of relentless shocks and numbing awareness that even more powerful bolts were in waiting. The ruthlessness and cunning behind the attacks left absolutely no doubt that a very dark and spiritually callous force had been unleashed upon America and the world. Most of us never dreamed of having to try to protect our children from such things.

So, psychically traumatized and channel surfing for information and understanding, I stopped on a station which presented a desperate line of grief-shocked New Yorkers politely taking turns standing before a television camera to present photographs and tearful descriptions of missing loved ones. Each bravely attempted to stay composed for their brief, important moment before the camera, but collapsed into uncontrolled bereavement as they described their lost loved ones. Their pitiful pleas cut straight to my heart and yet another impact of the atrocity of September 11 hit me with full force. I started sobbing. Not wanting to frighten my 12 year-old son to see me weeping, I went into the back yard until I could gain control of my emotions. I looked up into the night and said a prayer for all those innocent people lost and their wounded families. Through tears I searched the night for familiar constellations and remembered a song I wrote nearly thirty years ago for my epic space fantasy, Aldebaran and The Falling Star. The song, Our Spirits Will Abide, was written to close the first act of the play and to be sung by a life-boat of doomed sailors as they realized they were being drawn into a massive whirlpool. Bravely facing their circumstance the sailors individually gather their courage and begin to chant in unison:

"Yes to the future,
Thanks to the past,
Belief in the present
And hope to the last."

Suddenly that old "Aldebaran chant" returned to me with new importance. I went back in the house and pulled out the CD of the demo of Our Spirits Will Abide I recorded in Austin in 1989 with Bill Ginn, Mitch Watkins, John Mills, Bob Livingston and Tony Campise and slipped it into the player. As with the chant, the events of September 11 had unveiled entirely new meanings in the song痴 lyric and I immediately realized I had to make an MP3 of it available at my website.

So Our Spirits Will Abide is offered here to those of us who are grieving and , hopefully, to inspire courage as we face the uncertain future of these dangerous times. And I should add in conclusion, the "doomed" sailors in Aldebaran and The Falling Star survived the whirlpool and were transformed into enlightened cosmic star-children.

Our Spirits Will Abide

You that sail uncharted oceans.
You that brave the deepest night.
You that gather all your courage,
When it痴 time to stand and fight.
You that fall but get up stronger,
With the knowledge that you tried.
Let us gather now,
Together now,
Our spirits will abide!

You that search in total darkness
For some shining ray of light.
You that carry on believing
Through it all you have the right.
You that stand to face the future
Even though you want to hide.
Let us gather now,
Together now,
Our spirits will abide!
We値l abide, we値l abide, we値l abide!

We値l abide where there is courage!
We値l abide where there is light!
We値l abide in all believers!
We値l abide in what is right!
We値l abide and we値l face the future
Waiting on the other side.
Let us gather now,
Together now,
Our spirits will abide,
We値l abide, we値l abide, we値l abide.

copyright, 1976, Bobby Bridger
BB9 Music, ASCAP
P. O Box 49301
Austin, Texas 78765
All Rights Reserved

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