This is a course syllabus that I completed in 1997 based upon a 25 year career of lecturing, and performing in high school and university classrooms and all over America. In 1986, when the Department of Education of South Australia invited me to tour the entire school system of the vast territory -from kindergarten to college levels - I could truly say my classroom program was international. Indeed, when I embarked upon a "one and first-of-a-kind" tour sponsored by the "Cultural Outback Trust Association" of South Australia, I discovered the universal context of the history and culture of the Upper Plains and Rockies of the 19th century I am able to present in A Ballad of the West. The last two weeks of the tour were spent living with the Pitjantjara Aboriginal Tribes of the central deserts of the island continent. A couple of years later I was invited to tour the former Soviet Union in the beginning moments of "glastnost" and went into classrooms in Leningrad, Moscow and Kiev. Upon returning to the United States from Russia, I knew it was time to structure a course syllabus to help me communicate the story of western American history to new generations.

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