Bobby Bridger's natural creativity in music and songwriting lends directly to the literary arts. He is an avid magazine writer, and edited and produced his own quarterly newspaper in the Austin area for 8 years titled "Hoka Hey!" with a distribution to 50 states and 30 countries worldwide. He flourished in the field of Western American history & mythology with his award winning (design) hard-back of "A Ballad of the West", and his award-winning biography entitled "Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill: Inventing the Wild West." He recently completed a second draft of "Seeking History's Heartsong," an autobiography with UT Press. Browse this area for samples of his past work, and even some downloadable scripts!

Check back often for updates about this and other works in progress...

"Buffalo Bill & Sitting Bull: Inventing the Wild West"


"Bridger: An Autobiography"


"A Ballad of the West" Leatherbound & Paperback


Online "A Ballad of the West" Scripts


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Working Manuscripts