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(Click each thumbnail to view the photo in detail and read the caption.)

At Black Elks Site w_Fam Black Elk Burial Ground_FXmd Black Elk Famous Photo lightning
Black Elk Group harney peak_FXmd Black Elk Speaks Crew 2_FXmd Black Elk Speaks Crew harney peak_FXmd
Black Elk Tombstone_FXmd Bobby Fred Carter Bobby Fred Carter 2
Bobby Fred Carter 3 Bobby Young Piano and Guitar Bobby and the Fireflies Promo Poster
BobbyEarlyInGrass Bridger & Fireflies Dock Picture Bridger & Fireflies Train Pic
Bridger & Floyd Pahasapa Bridger & Hilda Niehardt_FXmd Bridger & Hill_FXmd
Bridger & Leonard Marks Bridger & Old Slim_FXmd Bridger Barn
Bridger Blonde Live Bridger Climbing Face 2_FXmd Bridger Climbing Face_FXmd
Bridger Climbing Gear_FXmd Bridger Cody Museum Stage_FXmd Bridger Descending_FXmd
Bridger Eagle Claw Bridger EarlyFencepost Bridger Ft. Bridger Aura
Bridger Ft. Bridger on Knee Bridger Glow Bridger Glow2