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Where the Tall Grass Grows by Bobby Bridger

"Bridger"s book is a gift to all who love the American West. What they may find is that the West they love is a mythology that tells them more about their human selves -who they are- than the place they love. Any book that can do that is worth reading." Daniel Wildcat, noted educator and author of Red Alert

"Where the Tall Grass Grows offers a refreshing perspective that will certainly be discussed by Indians and non-Indians alike...a must read for anyone who wants to know how we as Indian people were turned by Hollywood and politicians from 'Noble Redman' into the 'Savage Indians'. This book is the truth and everyone should read it." JR Mathews, executive director Native American Productions, and former chairman of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma.


Bridger, An Autobiography by Bobby Bridger

Bobby's long-awaited autobiography, Bridger, just arrived. You can order the book from any bookstore in the world now. Nevertheless, if you order on line directly from from the University of Texas Press website, you'll receive a very healthy discount. Please note that the book also contains a DVD that features three songs from the forthcoming DVD release of A Ballad of the West, plus a trailer for the documentary film, Quest of an Epic Balladeer, that will accompany the boxed set of the epic trilogy.


Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill: Inventing the Wild West. (Working title: Pashaka)

This biography of William Cody focuses on his lifelong relationship with Plains Indians, a vital part of his life story that, surprisingly, has been seldom told. Bobby Bridger draws on many historical accounts and Cody's own memoirs to show how deeply intertwined Cody's life was with the Plains Indians.


A Ballad of the West (Parts One and Two), Saint Augustine Press, Austin, Texas, 1993 (paperback)

Includes part 1 "Seekers of the Fleece," and part II, "Lakota." This version of Bridger's epic trilogy not only has the printed poetic ballads, but also contains numerous historical epithets to deepen the historical experience and take the listener/reader back in time.

A Ballad of the West (Parts One and Two) Wiacha Press, Austin, Texas 1982

(limited edition of 250 hard cover, slip-cased priced at $150 per copy) (sold out)

A Sender of Words (essays in memory of John G. Neihardt) HoweCo, Salt Lake City, 1980

edited by Vine Deloria, Jr. and featuring essays contributed by: Lucile F. Aly, Gretchen M. Bataille, Dee Brown, Raymond DeMallie, Roger Dunsmore, Peter Iverson, Alvin Josephy, Jr. Frederick Manfred. N. Scott Monaday, Carl Starkloff, Helen Stauffer, Frank Waters and Bobby Bridger

Frank Waters: Man and Mystic (essays in memory of Frank Waters) Swallow Press; The University of Ohio Press, 1993

edited by Vine DeLoria, Jr. and featuring essays contributed by: Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., Steven Wall, Will Wright, William Eastlake, Larry Evers, David Jongeward, Max Evans, Win Blevins, Barbara Waters, Rudolfo Anaya, Thomas Lyon, Joe Gordon, Robert Kostka, Charles Adams, Father Peter Powell, Quay Grigg, Alexander Blackburn, T.N Luther and Bobby Bridger

Seekers of the Fleece (Four Winds Magazine series), 1981

A series of articles, historical epithets, and the poetic ballads themselves of Part 1, "Seekers of the Fleece," in Four Winds Magazine.


Print Literature about Bobby Bridger

The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock by Jan Reid, Heidelburg Press, 1974,

The definative account of the genesis of the Austin Music Scene, featuring chapters on: Kenneth Threadgill, Jerry Jeff Walker, Steven Froholtz, B.W. Stevenson, Willis Alan Ramsey, Bobby Bridger, Rusty Weir, Kinky Friedman, Michael Martin Murphy, and Willie Nelson.

Austin Originals by Robyn Turner, Paramount Publishing, 1982

Read about 33 Austin Originals, their stories, their lives, what gave the town of Austin, Texas its flavor. Some of the folks featured in this book include, Bobby Bridger, Kenneth Threadgill, Ben Sargent, and Boots Walton.

Texas Rhythm, Texas Rhyme by Larry Willoughby, Texas Monthly Press, 1984

The state of Texas stands out as a major contributor to American music. Larry Willoughby, author and college history instructor, has created a unique perspective on Texas music in this superbly illustrated book. His expertise covers the ethnic origins of popular sounds, personal histories of famous musicians, and the entire evolution of the Texas music culture. In addition to ten historical essays, the book features 315 photos of the Texas musicians who shaped the course of American popular music, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nanci Griffith, Doug Sahm, ZZ Top, Gene Autry, T-Bone Walker, Charlie Christian, and Sippie Wallace.


Austin City Limits by Clifford Endres,UT Press, 1987

Originating in Austin and carried on 280 PBS TV stations around the country, the popular country music series Austin City Limits concentrates on regional music drawn from Cajun, Creole, Mexican-American, black, mountain and cowboy traditions. Creating what some call a "redneck-hippie" blend of music and philosophy, the show also has staged Western swing revivals and bluegrass jamborees that have renewed the interest of regional audiences in their own musical heritage. Music journalist Endres, who writes in an appealing, anecdotal manner, captures the spirit and spontaneity of the series while examining its 11 seasons and 140 shows. He features such performers as Willie Nelson, Ernest Tubb, Tracey Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Merle Haggard.


Music From The Heart by Rod Kennedy (The Founder and Director of the Kerrville Folk Festival Remembers 50 Years In the Music Business), Eakin Press, Austin, Texas, 1998. (new)

Kerrville Folk Festival founder/producer Rod Kennedy's very personal reminiscences are what give this book its character. The pages are filled with his behind-the-scenes goings-on covering 50 years in the music business that are less sentimental than pragmatic. Including posters and photos everyone who loves folk music should indulge in.

Hot Jams and Cold Showers by Diane Cortez

This memoir concerns the internationally renowned Kerrville Folk Festival, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2001. Stories in the book are drawn from the authorç—´ experiences as a festival spectator, staff volunteer, and participant in the all-night campfire "jams." Includes a map of the festival campground and 50 black and white photographs.