Paintings captioned "BLM" were purchased in 1988 by Omaha collector/architect Billie Lee Mommer and are part of her permanent collection. Otherwise, all paintings and sculpture are for sale. Please contact for more information.

(Click each thumbnail to view the photo in detail and read the caption/title.)

Alure BLM 16 BLM 17
BLM 18 BLM 21 BLM 22
BLM 23 BLM 24 BLM 31
BLM 32 Ceramic Family Group Ceramic Family Group detail
Ceramic Pot Ceramic Pot 2 Ceramic Pot 4
Ceramic Pot 5 Cermamic Pot 3 Chief Fools The Crow Portrait
Chihuahua Storm Columbia Diva
Father and Child-Walnut Franz in Color #2 Franz in color
Gabe At Fourteen Gorkey Pavement Cracks Grand Prismatic Pool
Here's To You Maholy Study 1 Hey Wassily Number One Hey Wassily Number Three
Hey Wassily Number Two John G. Neihardt Portrait Maholy Study 2
Maholy Study 3 Maholy Study 4 Omaha-BLM1
Post Head Redwood Family Group Self-Portrait
Sidewalk The Edge Time Stands Still Number 1
Time Stands Still Number 2 Time Stands Still Number 3 Untitled On White