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Spin-off Website

Bobby Bridger and Golden Egg Records launch a new spin-off website specifically to market Bridger's music: www.bobbybridgermusic.com


Bobby Bridger: Vagabond Heart

Bobby's first studio album in 15 years!!!



The 2008 Award - Winning DVD of "A Ballad of the West"


Bridger Delivers Keynote Address

Bobby Bridger was honored to delivered the keynote address July 10, 2014 at the 9th Annual Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium at Northwest Indian College on the Lummi Reservation in Bellingham, Washington.


Bobby Bridger's Book on Kindle

"Where The Tall Grass Grows: Becoming Indigenous and the Mythological Legacy of the American West" is now available as a Kindle Edition on Amazon.com. "Using a deft touch and some sly humor, Bridger entertains his readers with a shrewd analysis of the underlying themes played out in the American West." Carol Berry, "Indian Country Today"



Bridger's song The Horse and the Man used in documentary film

Bobby Bridger and the beloved late western character actor Slim Pickens were good friends; Slim narrated the 1975 recording Bridger's epic ballad about the American mountain men, Seekers of the Fleece. Their friendship was initiated in 1971 when Bridger was hired by legendary western author/ screenwriter/director "Ole" Max Evans (The Rounders and The Hi Lo Country) to sing the theme song of his movie, The Wheel. Slim's daughter, Daryl Ann Lindley, was the female lead in The Wheel and immediately upon hearing Bridger perform Seekers of the Fleece for a small group involved with the film, she exclaimed, "my dad is gonna love this!" Daryl Ann set up a meeting and Slim and when Bridger learned Slim was a virtual walking encyclopedia of knowledge of the fur trade era and the mountain men he and the actor became great friends.

In 2011 Bridger contacted Daryl Ann to inform her that the Western Writers of America were going to honor Ole Max Evans at their convention in Albuquerque. Daryl Ann agreed she had to be there and flew to New Mexico to help celebrate Ole Max's career. Reunited after many years Daryl Ann and Bridger retreated from the convention to a nearby Starbucks to catch up on each other's lives. After a couple hours of conversation Daryl Ann asked Bridger if he would compose a song for the documentary film about thoroughbred horse racing that she and her husband, Mark Giardino, were producing. Several weeks later Bridger visited his old friend John Inmon's studio in Bastrop, Texas to record The Horse and the Man for Daryl Ann's film, Behind the Gate, which is directed by Jack Lucarilli and is narrated by renowned film actor, Joe Pesci. The song is used for closing credits to augment the film's score by award-winning screen composer, Mike Post. Here is a link to the trailer:



Bobby Bridger's mountain man costume now on permanent display at Fort Bridger Historic Site

In August, 2013, the Fort Bridger Historical Site in Fort Bridger, Wyoming honored Bobby Bridger by putting the buckskin costume he wore for 40 years depicting the life of Jim Bridger in his epic ballad Seekers of the Fleece on display. The display will evolve over time as Bridger donates show posters and DVD's to the museum.


New Bridger Recording

July 18, 2013 record producers Bobby Bridger and John Inmon launched a Kickstarter campaign. With the generous contributions pledged by one-hundred-sixty-eight backers, on August 29th, the campaign successfully raised the budget Galey, Inmon, and Bridger established with Kickstarter to make a new Bobby Bridger recording. We are so very thankful to everyone who helped us with this important project. Of course we could not have done this without Erin Galey's (Brave Girl) invaluable assistance. Having succeeded with two previous Kickstarter projects to finance her film projects through her In the Flicker Productions, Erin was very experienced with the details of making a Kickstarter campaign work and the perfect Executive Producer for the new recording project. Erin's very capable assistant producer, Corey Kupfer, also helped greatly with videos to thank backers and with keeping Bridger connected with each and every one of the one-hundred-sixty-eight backers throughout the campaign as well as afterwards. Frank Lemus shot the video that we used at the Kickstarter site to explain ourselves and our objectives making a new record and Mark Blumenthal and his staff at Herbalgram in Austin generously hosted an event party in Austin for our Kickstarter campaign that truly helped spur the entire campaign up to a more intense pace at the critical mid-way point. In the days to come we will list each individual backer involved with this project here at www.bobbybridger.com and will notify you when we post the list here as well as in other social media.

Both John Inmon and Bridger had busy September and October calendars that prevented going straight into the studio to begin recording August 30. Bridger finishes a week-long Attaway Fellowship residency at Centenary College in Shreveport November 2 and he and Inmon will begin recording basic tracks for the new album November 7. They have already recorded a new Bridger song titled What You Resist Will Persist and just received permission to record the song Stages, a show-stopper that Bridger initially sang creating the role of "the Drifter" in Dale Wasserman's (Man of LaMancha) hit musical comedy A Walk in the Sky. There are several other new songs and Bridger is now writing daily to create more songs to consider for the new record.


Bobby Bridger interviewed for Treaty exhibition film at Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

Bobby Bridger and guitarist John Inmon stopped by the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. April 18, 2013 for Bridger to be interviewed by renowned American Indian scholar, activist, and former Executive Director of the National Congress of American Indians, Dr. Suzan Harjo. Dr. Harjo spoke with Bridger about historic details concerning mountain man his relative Jim Bridger's involvement in the historic "Horse Creek Treaty of 1851" for the film that will accompany the exhibition she is curating, Treaties: Great Nations in their own Words. After Bridger was interviewed the balladeer and John Inmon performed a couple of Bridger's songs that will be used in the film.


Exhibition of Bridger Paintings

In association with the North Central Louisiana Arts Council, The Dixie Center for the Arts will exhibit the paintings of Houston artist Bobby Bridger from September 30-November 5, 2013. The paintings will then move to Centenary College in Shreveport for exhibition at the college's art department that will run from November 7-21.

Bridger graduated with a degree in Art Education from Louisiana University/Monroe in 1968 when it was still Northeast Louisiana State College. He taught art at West Monroe High School from 1968- 1970 before relocating to Austin, Texas. Though primarily an abstract expressionist, in the late 1980s and early 1990s Bridger enjoyed major success with a series of over 100 paintings sold in the unique Australian Aboriginal "Papunya Tula" style of "dot-painting." In the mid-1990s Bridger returned to abstract expressionism and abstract constructivism. Bridger has also enjoyed a very long career in the music business recording numerous albums of original compositions on Monument, RCA, and Golden Egg Records. Bridger is also the author of four books and his musical one man theatrical shows have been performed for over four decades in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Russia. In 1990 full- company productions of his musical about the mountain men Seekers of the Fleece became the first professional theater to tour Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.


Summer 2012


Bridger and long-time friend, Ol' Max Evans,
author of The Rounders and The Hi Lo Country, at the
2012 Western Writers of America Convention in Albuquerque.


Bridger and long-time friend Daryle Ann Lindley.
Daryle Ann is the late Slim Pickens daughter and
was the star of Max Evans 1972 film, The Wheel,
and Bridger sang the film's theme.


Bridger and legendary character actor, L. Q. Jones
at the Western Writers of America's symposium/tribute
for Ol' Max Evans in Albuquerque.


Spring 2011

Click to order from Fulcrum Books
(Click image to order from Fulcrum Books)



Weaving the prophecies of the Lakota holy man Black Elk into a chronicle of American Indians in the American cultural psyche from the era of Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull and the Wild West through the creation of the “Western,” John Wayne, Dances With Wolves, Avatar, and modern mythmaking, Where the Tall Grass Grows explores the impact of indigenous American mythology on contemporary identity and the birth and development of modern popular entertainment, particularly the Hollywood film industry. The book also surveys and deconstructs the myth of the "imperialist" cowboy while exploring the American heroic archetype from the Revolutionary era into the 21st century.


Spring 2010


Bridger Hanging Up His Buckskins

After thirty-eight years of performances all over the globe, why has Bridger made the decision to hang up his buckskins? Perhaps a well-known lyric from Bridger’s Heal in the Wisdom best answers the question: “there is a reason, there is a rhyme, there is a season, and there is a time”.

The last performance of Bobby Bridger’s highly-acclaimed one man shows of his epic trilogy, A Ballad of the West is scheduled to take place at Fort Bridger, Wyoming on July 4, 2011. Whereas Bridger retired performances of his one man show of Pahaska in 2006, the epic balladeer will offer a free final performance of Seekers of the Fleece and Lakota for the general public at Fort Bridger State Historical Site in Fort Bridger, Wyoming. Several days later Bridger will present the very last performance of Seekers of the Fleece exclusively for the annual gathering of the National Bridger Family Association. After that concert the balladeer will deliver his beaded buckskin costumes and coyote headdress, as well as CDs, DVDs, books, posters, and other memorabilia on indefinite loan to the Fort Bridger Historical Association for museum display.

read the rest of the announcement here


Spring 2010

Bridger has four songs on the first round of balloting for the Western Writers of America's "Best 100 Western Songs" The final list will be announced at the WWA's June, 2010 Convention

Winter 2009


Summer 2009

Here is an interview I did with NPR/Uni. of Kentucky on Tonic. I hope you enjoy it. I would be remiss if I did not mention the wonderful editing done by Kopana Terry for this piece.


Spring 2009 Update!


You can purchase a Limited Edition of the DVD from Bobby's Trading Post!

Bridger Productions, in association with London-based, Qube Pictures, and Colorado-based, T-Bone Productions, proudly announce the DVD release of Bobby Bridger's highly-acclaimed epic trilogy, A Ballad of the West. In May, 2004 Bridger, director/producer, Peter Wilson, legendary Texas musicians John Inmon and Bob Livingston (The Lost Gonzo Band), stellar Austin studio musicians Darcy Deville (Austin Lounge Lizards) and Steve Samuel (Natalie Cole), and a crew composed of four cameramen, two sound engineers, and six technical assistants traveled to Nick Meagher's majestic 3,000 acre T-Bone Ranch in Antonito, Colorado. Whether driving or flying, many involved in the project carried video cameras to shoot footage to submit to Wilson's documentary, The Making of A Ballad of the West, that, paired with Wilson's documentary based on Bridger's life and work, Quest of an Epic Balladeer, is also part of the five-disc, boxed-set DVD production of A Ballad of the West.

In addition, Bobby's script for the DVD of A Ballad of the West was a finalist for the Western Writers of America's prestigious "Silver Spur" award for Best Documentary Script.


Also, don't miss!!


Early 2009 Update!


Hello Friends,

My long-awaited autobiography, Bridger, just arrived. You can order the book from any bookstore in the world now, or from my website). Nevertheless, if you order on line directly from from the University of Texas Press website, you'll receive a very healthy discount. Please note that the book also contains a DVD that features three songs from the forthcoming DVD release of A Ballad of the West, plus a trailer for the documentary film, Quest of an Epic Balladeer, that will accompany the boxed set of the epic trilogy.

I hope you'll order yourself a copy and consider helping me spread the word that the book has been published.

Thank you for your interest and support over the years. Please check my website regularly for any further developments with these new works.


Bobby Bridger

Mid-2008 Update!

There is a lot of Bobby Bridger news to report for the first half of 2008. In late February Bridger appeared on the popular PBS program American Experiencewith a host of noted scholars discussing the life, times, and legacy of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody.


Bobby's autobiography, Bridger, is "in the chute" and being prepared to meet its March, 2009 publication date. The DVD production of A Ballad of the West is also in the final stages of post-production and editing is nearly complete. The documentary film, Quest of an Epic Balladeer, based on Bobby's life and work, is also in the final editing stages and being prepared for release with the A Ballad of the West production at the end of the year. (Please log on to either www.qubepictures.com, or www.myspace.com/bobbybridger to view a seven-minute trailer to the "Quest" film.)


On July 4th, Bobby, Lost Gonzo Bob Livingston, noted Blackfeet Indian singer/songwriter, Jack Gladstone, and Montana cowboy singer, T.J. Casey performed as part of Nick's Wild West Show and Freedom Fest for Iraq veterans at Ft Hood, Texas.


July 10-14 Bobby was in Washington DC marching with Dennis Banks, Harry Belafonte, Daryl Hannah, Danny Glover, and Dick Gregory and also performing for scores of representatives from Indian Nations arriving from all over America as part of The Longest Walk Two. The Longest Walk Two was a duplication of the original trek 30 years ago when American Indians, following northern and southern routes, walked across America to present legal and social grievances to Congress. Aside from honoring the original Longest Walk, the 2008 walkers honored departed Indian leaders Vernon Bellecourt, Vine Deloria Jr., and Floyd Red Crow Westerman, and hoped to call attention to preserving sacred sites and healing Mother Earth. Bridger pulled double-duty during the two days of concerts and powwows on the National Mall in Washington serving as a master of ceremonies and also performing original music from his A Ballad of the West.


Bobby performing


Bobby with Daryl Hannah


Bobby with Danny Glover



What's Coming Up for Bobby

January, 2008 will start off with a bang for me with the airing of the documentary film, Buffalo Bill, on American Experience on PBS on February 25. I was honored to be invited to participate in the film with such noted scholars and historians as Dr. Paul Fees (former Senior Curator of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center), L.G. Moses (author, Wild West Shows and Images of American Indians 1883-1933), Louis Warren (Buffalo Bill's America), Judi Winchester (Senior Curator Buffalo Bill Historical Center) , Patricia Limerick (Legacy and Conquest), Charles Scoggin, and Guy Dull Knife (great-grandson of Buffalo Bill's friend, Dull Knife). I'm also happy to have submitted the final draft of Bridger: An Autobiography (working title) to the University of Texas Press in late 2007. The book will be published in early 2009. I was also very pleased with the live-performance of Lakota in late October in Morehead, Kentucky on the Americana Crossroads radio program syndicated on 30 NPR affiliates nationwide. Visit the Americana Crossroads websitefor a listing of the NPR stations airing the performance.

Hoka Hey Red Crow!
(August 17, 1936-December 13, 2007)

On December 13, 2007 my dear kola Floyd Red Crow Westerman moved camp to the spirit world. As Red Crow and Vine Deloria, Jr. were lifelong friends, Melissa, Gabe, and I planted a spruce tree in his memory in our back yard next to the oak we planted for Vine two years ago. The trees are particularly significant now because they remind me of the last time I saw Red Crow.


Bobby Bridger and Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Kerrville Folk Festival, 1990
photo: Marylou Park

After Vine's memorial services in Golden in November, 2005 Red Crow and I discovered we would both be driving south the next day; he and his wife, Rosie, were taking a pair of their cherished German Shepard's to a dog sitter friend in Amarillo, Texas, so we planned to travel that far together before I headed on to Houston and he and Rosie drove back to Los Angeles. Several miles before we reached Amarillo I signaled a pull-over at the South Canadian River so that we could part after Floyd conducted a personal prayer service for our friend Vine. We drove down to the red, sandy, riverbanks and found a massive Cottonwood. Red Crow pulled Rosie and I close to the tree and said a few soft words in Lakota as he explained that the Sioux always send prayers through trees. Then he burned tobacco and sage and offered prayers in Vine's memory.

Red Crow could turn a swank hotel steam room into a Lakota sweat lodge. In fact he did that very thing on at least two separate occasions when we got together to visit. He was always in intimate communication with the Great Spirit and I believe that motivated his every action - particularly as a representative of American Indian people. As a tribute to Red Crow I have added a 1993 interview I did with him at the Hoka Hey! Section of the website.


Bobby Bridger serenades Lady Bird, Helen Hayes in Stonewall, Texas 1983

America was deep in preparation for her Bi-Centennial celebration the afternoon in winter, 1975 that I received a phone call from beloved Texas humorist, Cactus Pryor. I had known Cactus since moving to Texas in 1970 and we had become close friends as I had appeared several times on his Austin television show. Cactus wanted to know if I could wear my buckskin outfit to represent early Texas pioneers for an event Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson was hosting in Austin to raise funds for Texas's official Bi-Centennial celebration. And so I was fortunate to meet to one of the loveliest spirits I have ever encountered - Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson.

From that evening forward Cactus acted as my "agent" when Mrs. Johnson wanted me to perform for some event in Austin, or for a private gathering she was hosting at the ranch in Stonewall. Mrs. Johnson's vision of a National Wildflower Center was coming into reality, and as her dream evolved I was privileged to frequently be called upon to entertain guests at the ranch. The afternoon this photograph was taken with First-Lady Johnson and the "First Lady" of the American theater, Ms. Helen Hayes, was indeed one I will never forget. Soon after the shot was taken we departed with a small group to a pasture on the ranch. Sitting in a summer field of Mexican hats and Black-eyed Susan's with Mrs. Johnson and listening to Ms. Hayes read wildflower poetry was a moment I will never forget.

Last week when I heard Mrs. Johnson had died, I shed a few tears. I suspect we all wept on some level upon learning of her passing. She truly was an angel among us. Even though we had her with us for ninety-four years, we were right to hold on to her as long as possible. Now she will live forever in the wildflowers.


A Lost Gonzo Reunion

John Inmon, Bob Livingston, Bobby Bridger, and Gary P. Nunn
May, 2007, Houston, Texas, Photo: Melissa Tatum

Website News Updates - July 2007

Aside from performing at the Museum of Fine Arts/Houston in December as part of the acclaimed traveling exhibition, The Modern West, most of Winter, 2006/Spring, 2007 has been spent assisting with the editing the DVD project of A Ballad of the West, and Quest of an Epic Balladeer. This has been complicated by the fact that the documentary's producer and director, co-director, co-producer, and editor of A Ballad of the West, Peter Wilson, has been in Barcelona and London. Yet, given the brave, new world in which we live these days, Peter and I have been able to communicate clearly via Email and telephone and both projects are moving along nicely.

Still, many hours have been devoted to seeking licenses for paintings, photographs, and landscape and wildlife scenics to be edited into the performance footage of the one-man shows shot on location at the T-Bone Ranch in Antonito, Colorado three years ago. The performance footage, with a sterling four-piece band, featuring John Inmon, Bob Livingston, Steve Samuel , and Darcie Deville, is edited and the soundtrack has been mixed and mastered in both stereo and 5.1 sound. Filmmaking is a slow process, but well worth the effort. When completed, the package will include the three and a half-hours of A Ballad of the West, the ninety-minute documentary, Quest of an Epic Balladeer, and the thirty-minute documentary, Making of A Ballad of the West.

Much of Winter, 2006 and early 2007 was also spent in near-daily communication with incoming President of the Western Writers of America, Johnny D. Boggs, past-President of WWA, Mike Blakely, and noted author/singer/songwriter, Jon Chandler, as we discussed and created the submission requirements for the organization to offer it's prestigious "Silver Spur" Award for "Best Song". 2007 will mark the first time the Silver Spur will be awarded to a western songwriter and publisher.

In April I lectured and performed at Rice University as part of the "Storyteller Series" offered by the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies. Immediately after the lecture at Rice I returned to the John G. Neihardt Center in Bancroft, Nebraska for the 26th annual John G. Neihardt Spring Conference. This year's theme, Neihardt's Heroes, was a great one and I was honored to be included to speak and perform as part of such a splendid symposium panel featuring noted Lakota author, Joseph Marshall (The Journey of Crazy Horse), Dr. James C. Work, and John Mangan. (See photo)


Joseph Marshall, Dr. James Work, John Mangan, Bobby Bridger

My autobiography, Seeking History's Heartsong, has been in anonymous "peer reader process" with the University of Texas Press since November, 2006. The first peer reader report was very positive, and I am anxiously awaiting the final reports. Once the manuscript emerges from this process I hope we'll have a target publication date for the book. I have also submitted my manuscript, Becoming Indigenous: Essays and Interviews, 1989-2007 to UT Press.


More News! July 2007

A Ballad of the West is now at Wikipedia.com.

The trailer for Quest of an Epic Balladeer can be viewed at www.qubepictures.com or at www.myspace.com/bobbybridger.

My entire Golden Egg catalog - A Ballad of the West, Songs From A Ballad of the West, and Heal In The Wisdom is now available at CDBaby, ITunes, and Amazon.com.


Bobby Bridger part of The American Experience


October 5, 2006 Bobby flew to Boulder, Colorado to be interviewed on camera by the production company creating a documentary film based on the life of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody for the award-winning PBS series, The American Experience. After reading Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull: Inventing the Wild West Rob Rapley of Hidden Hill Productions in New York contacted Bridger and invited him to join Dr. Paul Fees, L. G. Moses, Louis Warren, Judy Winchester, Patricia Limerick, Charles Scoggin and Guy Dull Knife, Jr. to be interviewed for the documentary. The production will air on The American Experience on PBS in the fall of 2007.


Executive Producer Rob Rapley and Bobby Bridger
on the set after interviews for the PBS series
The American Experience, Golden, Colorado, October,5, 2006


A Note From Bobby - November 2006

This has been a very exciting autumn. In late September I got a phone call from Rob Rapley of Hidden Hills Productions in Manhattan. Hidden Hills produces documentary films for the award-winning PBS series, The American Experience. Rob informed me that his company is producing a film on Buffalo Bill for The American Experience. Rob told me that he had read my book Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull: Inventing the Wild West and loved it. He invited me to Boulder, Colorado to join with Buffalo Bill historians Dr. Paul Fees, Louis Warren, L. G. Moses, Patricia Limerick, Judi Winchester, Charles Scoggins, and Guy Dull Knife for on camera interviews for the film. The program will air on PBS in autumn, 2007.

I've also added three features to the Hoka Hey! archive that I hope visitors will find interesting and important. To augment the memorials at bobbybridger.com for Vine Deloria, Jr., you'll discover a 1989 Hoka Hey! interview I did with my old friend celebrating the 20th anniversary of the publication of Custer Died For Your Sins. Related to that feature, I've also added Vine's provocative and intriguing essay, Sacred Lands and Human Understanding. I've also added a feature explaining Frank and Deborah Popper's inspired and controversial Buffalo Commons concept. Designed to cope with rapidly declining populations on the Great Plains, the Popper's Buffalo Commons thesis was originally published in 1991, but is perhaps even more significant now than it was then.

Readers will want to drop by bobbybridger.com regularly as I will soon be adding an essay on "Ethnoastrology" to the Hoka Hey! archive. I also will add an essay on the very first gathering of global parliamentarians and spiritual leaders to discuss the survival of the planet; an interview with the author/screenwriter of Dances With Wolves, Michael Blake; an essay Women of the New and Old West; and many more exciting essays and features.

There are also a couple of new interviews available. In October, 2006 I did a third interview with Bob Stevenson to complete our series of three interviews on my epic trilogy on Houston NPR affiliate, KUHF's great program, The Front Row. And while in north Louisiana performing at the Louisiana Art and Folk Festival I interviewed with Brad Shelton on NPR affiliate, KEDM in Monroe.

This fall I've also been invited to join an illustrious group assembled by the Western Writers of America to establish criterion to create a new "Best Song" category for the organization's prestigious "Silver Spur" awards for excellence in western literature. I served as a judge for the Poetry Silver Spur in 2003 and 2004, and am one of three judges for the 2006 Silver Spur for "Best Audio Book".



Hoka Hey! Archive Addition

We are proud to add Vine Deloria Jr's interview with Bobby Bridger for Hoka Hey! on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the publication of Custer Died For Your Sins Winter Issue, Hoka Hey!1989. Check it out!

Related to that feature, we've also added Vine's provocative and intriguing essay, Sacred Lands and Human Understanding. There is an added feature explaining Frank and Deborah Popper's inspired and controversial Buffalo Commons concept. Designed to cope with rapidly declining populations on the Great Plains, the Popper's Buffalo Commons thesis was originally published in 1991, but is perhaps even more significant now than it was then.



Bobby's In the Online Folk Festival Top 36 Songs of October 2006

Bobby's "Heal in the Wisdom" is #34!


A Friend has Passed

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Vine Deloria, Jr.

Vine Deloria, Jr.
March 26, 1933 - November 13, 2005

A Ballad of the West would not exist without the steadfast support of my best friend of thirty years, Vine Deloria, Jr. In 1976 Vine made one-hundred cassette copies of Seekers of the Fleece and sent them out to over 100 noted individuals, organizations and institutions with a cover letter urging them to write letters endorsing my work. Over the years Vine wrote introductions to various releases of A Ballad of the West, encouraged me to develop the literary aspects of the work to augment my recording career, and made me and my family welcome in his home. I will never have a better friend in this life.


Aside from celebrating the life of the most important Native American spokesman of the Twentieth century, the purpose of this section of my website is to make available to visitors a brief biography/obituary of my dear friend, to present an extensive bibliography of Vine's vast body of work, and to provide a link to the scholarship established in his name at the American Indian College Fund. Moreover, I would like to encourage other artists concerned with Native American history, religion and culture to create a link to the scholarship fund at their websites.

Please take some time to read about my dear friend and the scholarship created in his memory. You can also read Vine's interview with me for Hoka Hey! here.


A Few Words From Bobby, August 2006

The most important "new" thing with me these days is the newly-designed website bobbybridger.com. Over a year ago my friend and colleague Erin Galey started searching for a webdesigner to re-do my site and that led us to Dana Boyd, of SufferinStudios. These two great women have worked together since February plotting and organizing, and the result is this lovely, user-friendly new site. We hope you enjoy visiting, spread the word to your friends, and return frequently to see "What's New!"

In early June I headed north to Wyoming for the Western Writers of America convention in Cody. I was on two panels: "The Fur Trade of the Upper Rockies" and "Writing About Buffalo Bill", had a small part in the film documenting the convention, and performed several concerts with Michael Blakely, WC Jameson, and Jon Chandler and also performed my one-man show Seekers of the Fleece at Old Trail Town. Recently, Michael Blakely had me down to Marble Falls, TX, to perform in his "TexAmericana Tuesday Nights" with Johnny Gringo at the River City Grille and Pub. We had a ball - and I got to play some old favorites for the crowd. He's also booked me for Lukenbach sometime this Fall.

Before the WWA convention began June 13th, however, I flew back to Austin June 10th for rehearsals with the Austin Orchestra, including such players as Will Taylor (from "Strings Attached" fame), assembled for the concert celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Kerrville Folk Festival. My old pal David Amram conducted the orchestra and the concert was a career highlight. As always, we closed the festival with the anthem, Heal in the Wisdom, which you can find here. The festival staff presented me with a lovely marble plaque on which the chorus of my song and the festival anthem, Heal In The Wisdom, was inscribed. There's pictures and more about this event at our MySpace page.

After the WWA convention I headed to some of my favorite Wyoming hang-outs to visit old friends and get a few nights sleeping out under the stars. In late June I arrived at the University of Michigan's Camp Davis just south of Jackson, Wyoming near the Hoback River's junction with the Snake River. My friend Dr. Phil Deloria brought me in to perform Seekers of the Fleece for the eighty students from Ann Arbor. Imagine my surprise when I discovered one of them did a "hip shot" video of me performing Life Is A River and put it on the web on YouTube! Here's the link.


Bobby Invited to Judge 2007 Audio Book "Sliver Spur" Award

Bobby Bridger has been invited to join with fellow Western Writers of America members Mike Blakely and Larry D. Thomas to judge the submissions competing in the Audio Book category for the organization's prestigious 2007 "Silver Spur" award. Bridger previously served in 2003 and 2004 as a judge for the Poetry category for the Silver Spur. Check out the website for the Spur Awards.


Bobby on CD Now

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Bobby Bridger's CD's on CD Baby. Click here to check out Heal in the Wisdom, A Ballad of the West, and Songs from A Ballad of the West.


Bobby on MySpace

Check out Bobby's new MySpace page and add him as a friend!



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